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Track Record

Frances Akridge has worked with key people – city department managers, city administration, police and neighbors to improve the quality of life in the NE area. This track record, along with her experience in project management, commercial real estate, and education is a testament to her commitment to District 2. 

Community Safety

Rison Avenue

Obtained drug bust at 812 Rison trailer (March 2017) obtained condemnation and removal of the dilapidated trailer. (August 28, 2017)

Oakwood Avenue

Obtained written commitment from Planners and Traffic Engineering to return the street to an Avenue. (July 2017)   Projected completion: June 2019

Oakwood Ave & Maysville, westbound

Obtained “reduced speed ahead” sign in compliance with federal guidelines. (August, 2016)

Orba Drive at Oakwood Ave

Secured evaluation of intersection; 4-way stop installed with unintended benefit of slower traffic past a park. (May, 2015)

Peck Road

Secured marked improvement of operations of Ability Plus houses in the area to ensure safety of disabled residents and improve neighbor relations.


Neighbors folded 1,000 origami cranes to represent peaceful relations with police in all parts of our city.  (July 2016)

Community Health, Education, and Recreation


Big Spring Park

Responsible for installation of coin operated animal food machines to eliminate public health hazard of salmonella in water. (October 2011)

Philpot Park

Obtained balance equipment for seniors, improved park layout, and soccer goals. (November 2017)

Oak Park

Secured approvals to build sustainable trails, met with homeowners adjacent to the proposed trail prior to starting.  (opened March 2016)

Acquired demonstration garden boxes  (March 2015).  

Secured permission to install first Little Free Library on public land with private funding and labor. (January 2015)

Optimist Recreation Center and Park

Obtained Association funds to host Garden Gathering, a swap meet for gardeners with children’s activities. (April, 2017, 2018)  

Chapman School

Obtained grant of money, time, and materials for the 7th and 8th grade Student Council trip to Washington DC (spring 2017)

Recruited Reading Buddies to expand on initiative of Jackson Way Baptist Church volunteers (fall 2016)

Community Maintenance & Enhancement

Oak Park Drive

Secured repaving the road ahead of normal process since the standard evaluation did not apply to the extraordinarily steep incline.  (completed February 2016)

Andrew Jackson Way

Secured the first bus shelter for the area. Participated in site selection and property owner approval.  (April 2017)

O’Shaughnessy Drive:

Secured removal of noisy industrial equipment from the Hsv Utilities parcel.  (March, 2016)

Recruited Volunteer Labor

Deferred maintenance for homeowners. (Ongoing)